For the Love of Coconut Oil: 10 AMAZING Uses & Why it’s Worth the Hype!

Coconut oil has been all the rave the past few years and it is for good reason! I was first introduced to this amazing oil in 2011 on Pinterest. I discovered an article that suggested using it as a hot oil treatment for your hair. I had never even heard of coconut oil before this but I loved coconut so I knew I couldn’t go wrong. I had no idea that this would be the beginning of something magical!

Coconut oil has forever changed my skin, hair and body care routine. I even cook with it and put it in my smoothies for an extra boost. You will see reference Coconut Oil all the time because it has truly changed my life and has had so many surprising benefits along the way. I have created a list of my top 10 Coconut Oil uses and their benefits:

#1 – Oil Pulling

It is hard for me to rank which use is my favorite, but this is probably at least in my top 3. For those of you that are unfamiliar with Oil Pulling, it is when you use the oil as a mouth rinse. This method has so many benefits and you can find countless articles on the web detailing some amazing results. I plan to only the detail the results I have experienced for myself.

First, I always Oil Pull first thing in the morning. Bacteria builds overnight (Hello Morning Breath!) so Oil Pulling first thing in the morning is best for maximum benefits. I start with a spoon full of Virgin Coconut Oil, my favorite brand is Spectrum.

Spectrum brand organic coconut oil
You can find this brand at pretty much any grocery store, I think even Walmart carries it.

I then start swishing the Coconut oil in my mouth making sure it reaches all my teeth and gums, you will swish for 20 minutes. I know 20 minutes feels like a lifetime the first time you do it and you may even experience some jaw pain the first couple times you do it but trust me it is more than worth it! Set a timer, grab a book or switch on a your favorite T.V show and relax. Be sure not to swallow any of the oil! This oil is like a magnet to all the bacteria in your mouth and the key is getting that bacteria out of your body for good so the last thing you want to do is ingest it. If you feel like you have too much oil in your mouth once it mixes with your saliva, spit a little of it into the trash can until you feel like you have a comfortable amount to continue to swish with.

Once your timer has went off, spit the oil into a durable trash bag. This is oil so you never want to spit it down the sink. You will then want to rinse your mouth, I use Listerine or salt water and then brush my teeth as I normally would. The first thing you will notice will be a clean refreshed mouth, more so than ever before.

What I noticed after a week of Oil Pulling everyday:

  • Whiter Teeth
  • Fresher breath for longer periods of time
  • Decrease in dry mouth
  • A toothache I had for over a week was gone!
  • Clearer skin that appeared more hydrated
  • Decrease in tooth sensitivity
  • Body just generally felt cleaner

Now that last one may have just been a mental benefit but all the others were a definite reality. After that first week I vowed to Oil Pull daily indefinitely. Of course there have been days even weeks that have went by and I have not kept up with my routine. Ill tell you this, I felt and saw the difference when I wasn’t Oil Pulling so I try my very best to remain consistent. Try it and let me know what you think, I can almost guarantee you will love it just as much as I do!

#2 – Hot Oil Treatment

As I said before this was my first introduction to Coconut Oil and it had me from here. I love the smell and how soft and shiny my hair was after the treatment. I now aim to do this weekly with my own recipe (you can find this is in my next post of all my favorite beauty recipes!).

Just heat the oil in a microwave safe bowl for about 15-20 seconds (The amount of oil will vary depending on the length and thickness of your hair). Check the temperature to make sure it isn’t too hot before applying. I like to dip the ends of my hair in the bowl first and then pour the remaining oil on the top to middle of my head. I then massage the oil into my scalp and hair, making sure to fully saturate all of my strands. I then cover my hair with a plastic shower cap for 30 mins and then rinse with cold water.

#3 – Overnight Oil Mask

This is another recipe I will be detailing in another post but I absolutely love this use. When all other pieces to my routine fail this is the one I hardly ever stray from. Every night after my cleanse and tone routine I apply a thin layer of the Oil Mask on my face and decleotte. I give it about 5 minutes so soak in before laying down and I sleep with it on overnight. It never fails, in the morning I wake up with toned, glowing skin!

#4 – Body Moisturizer

Every night after my shower or even on nights I don’t shower (We all have those nights lol) I apply a good amount of Coconut Oil all over my body. I have found that this keeps my skin moisturized better then lotion alone. Sometimes I add the oil in with my favorite body lotion and other times I use it all alone. This has smoothed dark marks, reduced cellulite and kept my skin soft and glowing. Be sure not to use too much, no one likes oil stains on their sheets or clothes.

#5 – Frizz Reducing Hair Oil

I love to use small amounts of Coconut Oil to tame my fly-aways and hydrate my hair when it gets a little dry and brittle. To do this I just take half a spoon full of the oil and rub it in my hands until it liquifies. I thin smooth it on delicately to the parts of my hair that need attention and Voila! Problem solved.

#6 – Dandruff reducing scalp treatment

When I am not eating as well as I should or feeling stress my scalp tends to get super flaky and uncomfortable. I found that by blending equal parts of coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil and massaging the blend into my scalp with my fingertips the itchiness and the flakes were gone immediately. My hair was also hydrated and soft. I do this after my Apple Cider Vinager scalp detox weekly. (See my post on ACV for the routine)

#7 – Smoothie Boost

Just put a spoon or two full of Coconut Oil into any smoothie blend. This is a great way to get the internal benefits of the oil without even knowing its there. I even put a spoonful in my tea every morning! I have found that this helps me stay regular and aids in daily detoxification.

Delicious coconuts!
Photo by Brenda Godinez at

#8 – Lip Moisturizer

I love love love Coconut Oil as a lip treatment! I have found that when I apply it overnight, I wake up with softer more pigmented lips

#9 – Eye Brow and Lash growth treatment

Yes you read that correctly! Coconut Oil is amazing for moisturizing and stimulating the hair follicles. I stumbled upon this by complete accident while following my nightly oil mask routine. My lashes and brows have benefitted from this tremendously, visibly fuller and stronger. Since I realized this I created my own lash and brow treatment I’ll be sharing this with you later! ☺

#10 – Nail and Cuticle Strengthener

Your nails are skin so keep that in mind when caring for them. I have found that by massaging Coconut oil into my hands and cuticles this prevents my nails from flaking and my cuticles stay hydrated and healthy. They have grown longer and stronger with this routine!

There are lots of other amazing uses for coconut oil, including some household uses. These are just a few of my favorites! Do you use Coconut Oil? If so, what are some of your favorite uses?
Comment below to share how Coconut Oil has changed your daily routine.

Stay Slayed.

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