Dry Brushing 101: Brush Your Way to Better Skin Overnight!

Dry Brushing is one of my favorite beauty regimes. The benefits of this technique are nearly instant and results just get better with time. I first learned about Dry Brushing while in Massage Therapy School. It was one of the first steps in almost every spa treatment we studied. We didn’t dive too far into the benefits of Dry Brushing exclusively, so I did my own research outside of the classroom.

Dry Brushing is a technique using a natural bristle brush to literally brush the body while dry. This technique has amazing exfoliating benefits and aides tremendously in circulation. With this deep exfoliation, Dry Brushing also opens the pores so that your products penetrate deeper producing better results. If you are new to Dry Brushing, follow these simple steps below to begin your new routine!

Step One – Purchase Natural Bristle Brush

You can find these at almost any natural grocery store such as Whole Foods, Sprouts, Central Market or even Tom Thumb. They also carry them in CVS and Walgreens, or you find them easily online.
My advice is to purchase one with an angled handle. This makes reaching every area of the body super easy!

Step 2 – Step into the shower but don’t turn on the water just yet…

The keyword here is Dry. You want your body and your brush to be completely dry for this to work effectively. You will want to be in your shower because you will be brushing away dead skin cells, you don’t want those hanging around on your bathroom floor. After you are done brushing you can go right into your normal shower routine, piece of cake!

Step 3 – Brush your body from the feet up

You will want to start on one side of the body brushing using swift upward strokes. Apply a little pressure and brush starting from the foot all the way up the leg. Repeat on the other side. Do the same for the arms and backside.

Step 4 – Use Circular Strokes on Middle areas

Brush in clockwise motions on your pelvic and stomach areas. As I said before this technique is great for circulation and in these areas, I have found that clockwise strokes are much more effective.


Once you are done just shower as you normally would. Make sure you wash out your brush with soap and water after each use. Remember you are brushing off dead skin cells, you don’t want to re-apply them to your body the next time you dry brush!

What you will notice after your first-time dry brushing:

  1. Softer Skin
  2. Better Product Absorption
  3. Better Results from Products
  4. More Vibrant, Even Toned Skin

*Results vary, and everyone’s body is different, but what I can tell you is I had exceptional results even after just one time.

Dry brushing is something I think that every woman should add to her nightly routine. It is a gentle way to exfoliate daily. You should still do a deep exfoliation with a body scrub once per week. You will find that after adding dry brushing to your routine, your products will give you better results. Check out Slay Body Care to take your body care routine to the next level!

Have you tried dry brushing? What were some of the results you experienced? Comment Below!

Stay Slayed.

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